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If You’re On This Page, You’re Probably Looking For A Great Massage and Wondering What Makes This Place Any Different From The Rest…

…You need to:

  • Take a break! You have way too much stress right now!

  • Have your sanity restored – those kids (or coworkers) are driving you crazy!

  • Soothe achy muscles.

  • Improve Sleep

  • Improve athletic performance

Basically, you want a portal to a whole different world where someone can take care of your needs for a change. You’re human, but you want to feel a little more “heavenly.” You’re ready to take control of your state of being and find relief from your day to day worries and pains. You want to feel good. Is that too much to ask for? And you want a safe, reliable place with a warm, comfortable environment that makes you feel like family.

AND at the same time, if you’re anything like most of our clients, you have some serious reservations.

If you’re new to this website, let me introduce myself. My name is Brittany Laub, I am a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist I have been a therapist since 2013. Since then, I have been on a mission to raise the standard for massage therapy in the Treasure Valley.


But first I want to tell you how I have gained my knowledge

  • I have worked with Thousands of clients in the Treasure Valley.

  • Many of my clients travel internationally and relate to me their massage experiences abroad.

  • I’ve spent Hundreds of hours studying massage techniques.

  • I continue to extra courses so that I can continue to better myself as a therapist.
  •  I’m building a business and a following of loyal clients, who hopefully will never go anywhere else for a massage.

You may have guessed it already, but perfection is a bit of a passion of mine 😉 You may not want a perfectionist as a parent or a spouse, but they are great to do business with! I have been gathering many pieces of the “I can’t find a good massage therapist in Boise” puzzle for years, and Massage Addiction is my answer for you.

Quality, Value and Reliability

There are three things you absolutely need to know to find a great massage therapist:

  1. Is this a quality massage or just a backrub?

  2. Is the value of this massage worth more than I am paying for it?

  3. Is this a legitimate business or a traveling gypsy that will be gone next time I need her?

Most importantly, you have to have quality. Without quality nothing else matters. You also have to be able to afford your massage. I could give you the most out of this world knock your socks off massage, but if it cost you an arm and a leg you’d never come back. And lastly you have to have the peace of mind that you are doing business with a reputable business, not some fly by the night gypsy from the street corner.

Introducing…The Max Relax Massage from Massage Addiction in Nampa

The Max Relax Massage is the absolute MOST comprehensive and complete massage available in Boise. It’s effective at inducing immediate relaxation and reducing muscle tension with none of the fluff and buff rub downs that most massage therapists try.

Here’s why the Max Relax Massage is rather unique and different from other massages:


The Max Relax massage combines the 2 Essential Philosophies necessary for comprehensive therapeutic massage


There are two things you MUST know and master in order to be successful in being a massage therapist. Overlook them, and your results will be hit-and-miss.

Yet, these two essential philosophies are pitted against each other in about 90% of the courses and books I’ve come across – seriously! As a result, people often fail in the development of their massage techniques.

By understanding what the two essential philosophies to massage development are, you ensure your techniques produce the BEST reliable results, time after time, NOT hit and miss.

One of my fellow professional massage therapist received our Max Relax Massage and found it to be incredibly comprehensive – even to her, as a professional. That’s because it combines all of the techniques that you will only find by combining these two essential philosophies.

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In addition to combining these two philosophies that you won’t find anywhere else in Nampa, this massage also does something that is rare among massage techniques—it caters to everyone, no matter what your specific ailments are!

Book Now and Get $20 OFF your first Max Relax Massage at Massage Addiction!!!

When I created the Max Relax Massage, I knew I wanted to cater to all of my clients– not just one particular group.

That is because I know how frustrating it is to get a massage that tries to make you feel better in a way that you didn’t ask for.

Your body and musculature is different from mine – and will probably be slightly different than every other client in Boise!

But when therapists start training, a lot of the material studied is based on what that particular teacher is good at – and so I personally designed this massage to encourage all therapists to include and expand the forms that they are good at, while maintaining certain standards and “best practices” that lead to the most consistent results.

So in short, the Max Relax Massage contains comprehensive techniques that you won’t find to this extent anywhere else.

Did I mention that all of our therapist have almost double the education as required by the state of Idaho?

How do I ensure that all of the therapist at Massage Addiction can measure up to our high standards? Our therapists are committed to perfecting their craft and continue to thirst for knowledge. They stay on the leading edge of massage practices by receiving ongoing training and attending workshops and conferences.

“Can I really afford this good of a massage?

Ah, the age old question. What’s it gonna cost me?

If you have a nonsense radar like I do, you’re probably also a skeptic. You would have issues with claims about being the best or “#1”. Perhaps you’re afraid of being taken advantage of or getting ripped off to some degree or another. That’s OK though, you’re human. Plus it’s good to have a skeptical side, because that helps you to spot people or businesses that are trying to pull one over on you.

But, we are not one of them 🙂


We’re human too, and we expect that you’ll treat us with the same kind of respect and consideration with which we treat you.

Although our standards are much higher than most, all of our pricing is based on the national average. Once you’ve become a client of ours, we have exclusive pricing that is available only to our clients. These rates are so low that they are not advertised anywhere else. This ensures that our regular clients get the best pricing available.

How do we maintain a thriving business with prices so affordable? We have a very special business model that is set up to keep business expenses low. Then we pass on the savings to you! You see, Massage Addiction is based on an abundance mentality, not scarcity. We don’t nickel and dime our clients- we have so many that we don’t have to!

Again, this is the only massage in Boise I know of that so seamlessly combines the two major philosophies in massage theory. That’s why I can be so confident that you won’t find a better massage at a better price anywhere else.

“OK, You’ve Got Me Hooked. But Will You Be There When I Need You?”

You know, when I created Massage Addiction, this was my biggest concern. I knew that I had the best therapeutic massage techniques with the best prices. But I didn’t want my clients to get lost in the crowd. As a private practitioner I was acutely aware of all of my clients. As a business owner, what if I didn’t know what my clients needed? What if they didn’t get the attention that they deserved? Since opening Massage Addiction, the feedback I’ve had has been unanimously and overwhelmingly positive! I’ve had clients tell me that “this is what massage should be” and that they “are treated like family.”

My heart felt all warm and fuzzy inside as I heard each of these compliments. I knew that I had accomplished what I set out to do. These two compliments keep me going when life gets busy and hard. They show me that you really can have a positive effect on people when you set out with correct principles and good intentions. When your priority is to help people, they really do feel it.

All of our massage therapists are dedicated to their clients and will help get you on the schedule that is best for your needs. By maintaining your regular visits, you’ll avoid those dire days when you wake up in the morning and can’t get out of bed! Your health, energy and peace of mind will improve daily. But when you have that occasional weekend warrior adventure where you act like a teenager again and over do it, we’ll gladly squeeze you in for some extra TLC!

Book Now and Get $20 OFF your first Max Relax Massage at Massage Addiction!

What you get in the Max Relax Massage from Massage Addiction:

  • One amazing full body massage experience that combines the top techniques from the two most beneficial and most influential massage philosophies in the world. Available exclusively at Massage Addiction.

  • A dedicated team of gifted massage therapists to share their expertise with you and who will be there when you need them.

  • Exclusive offers that are only available to current clients of Massage Addiction. Offers so good we are prohibited from advertising them online.

So what are you waiting for?

If you would like please visit and view how are current clients felt about Massage Addiction!!!!

Book Now and Get $20 OFF your first Max Relax Massage at Massage Addiction!