100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our massage therapists are so confident in the services they provide, that they offer you our unique “100 % Satisfaction Guarantee”

Now who else is THAT confident?
How Our Guarantee Works:
When you call to schedule your appointment, we will perform a quick, initial phone consultation to ask some specific questions. This is so we can be sure we book you with the best therapist and the most appropriate service for your needs.
We guarantee that you’ll feel 100% satisfied with the results of your session, or you don’t pay for it.
In your initial phone consultation, we will ask:
Your goal for the session
Do you have a preference of male or female therapist
Are you pregnant and if so, any complications
Do you have a doctor’s prescription
And other questions pertaining to your specific needs and wants.
At Your Appointment:
At your first appointment, you will fill out a health history questionnaire to ensure that you do not have any present conditions that are contraindications for massage. Your therapist will discuss with you your current health, work environment, and exercise routine.
Once the two of you agree on your goals for the session, you will fill out a Massage Personality Questionnaire. This ensures that the therapist knows how to interact with you during your session, should any questions arise.
It Takes Two:
When you are in session with your therapist ~ be sure to communicate openly throughout the session so they can be sure to accommodate your requests.
That’s It!
Relax and Enjoy the Best Massage in the Treasure Valley!

If YOU aren’t happy, WE aren’t happy!
Call right away to find out what makes us the BEST place to get your next massage! 208-440-2782
*If you wait until the end of the session to ask your therapist to modify their technique, the therapist will not have the chance to do so during that session. In that case, our guarantee does not apply.
Massage is considered a passive form of exercise and sometimes results in muscle soreness. This is like unto the muscle soreness often experienced after exercise. This is a normal response to massage and does not warrant a refund. Refunds are not given on Discount Vouchers purchased from third party sites such as Living Social, Groupon, Amazon Local, and the like.