Deep Tissue Massage in Meridian, Idaho

Deep Tissue Massage

 We’ve all heard of it, and we all think we know what it means. Deep Tissue massage is a fairly straight forward technique and can be found at almost any massage center, but there is some misinformation going around that I would like to talk about today.

 We often hear people say things like “I have a high pain tolerance” or “The more pressure the better.”  The disturbing thing is that there is, in fact, such thing as too much pressure. A massage therapist can cause injury by massaging too hard. It can be dangerous to allow yourself to “go through the punishment” of deep tissue massage. Applying too much pressure can make injuries worse, or cause injuries that weren’t there before.

 Deep Tissue isn’t about pressure at all in fact. It’s about getting into deeper layers of muscle in the body. This is done most effectively by adding heat to the muscles as to open them up more. While there are some places that are notorious for pain (IT Band we’re looking at you) the pain is typically felt at non-deep-tissue levels.

 A skilled therapist can tell when and where different muscles need to be worked more, or less. While there are times a therapist may do things that are uncomfortable, the pain should not be too serious. If you ever feel like the pain is too much, don’t hesitate to tell your therapist. It’s common to feel sore after initial therapy sessions, but massage is not torture. If the pain persists throughout the massage sessions, even after communicating your concerns, you should probably begin to look for another therapist.

 At Massage Addiction all of our therapists have on average DOUBLE the amount of training required in Idaho. Their skill and experience makes your massage experience the way it should be.