Good ol’ Swedish Massage!

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is, bottom line, the most common modality of massage out there today. If you’re new to massage,  you’ve probably heard the term often, but may still be wondering what exactly Swedish Massage is.

The term “Swedish” in Swedish Massage is really only a common term in English and Dutch speaking countries. Most other places, including Sweden, just call it Classical Massage.

The main difference between Swedish Massage and other types, is that it’s entire line of thinking is rooted in Western anatomy and Western Medicine, while most other massage techniques find origins from Chinese Medicine. This means that during a Swedish Massage your therapist is massaging you in ways that help reduce pain, reduce joint stiffness, and induce deep relaxation!

Swedish Massage was developed to help athletes who were prone to wearing their bodies out. This helps the body stay rejuvenated through the stresses of life, and everyday activities. The main idea behind Swedish Massage isn’t to treat injury or pain after it occurs, but to regularly maintain the body. Athletes who consistently get Swedish Massage are typically able to avoid injury and pain.

While we aren’t all athletes, normal everyday life can wear us down, and eventually take its toll. Thrown out backs, headaches, and sore joints are all common symptoms of what we call life. While we can’t always avoid everything, there is something to be said for the merits of preventative medicine. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For the normal person, 1 hour of massage work a month can make a big difference. That’s why we have our wellness plan that gives you one 1 hour massage a month at a discounted price! Call us to find out more.