Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massage

The Integrated Deep Tissue massage incorporates the best practices of Eastern and Western massage modalities. This includes swedish cross fiber massage, connective tissue massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, polarity, shiatsu, and stretching. The result of these combined techniques is an enhancement of oxygen and nutritive levels within individual muscle fibers, reduction of scar tissue in the myofascia, decreased pain sensations, minimized trapped waste products in nerve endings, energy balance, and more open pathways for energy transmission.

Is Deep Tissue Massage For Me?

Deep Tissue Massage differs from deep pressure massage. Deep Tissue Massage utilizes specific techniques for reaching deeper muscles. Deep tissue massage is often used to address a certain area of the body that has prolonged pain or restricted movement. Chronic muscle tension is usually accompanied by adhesions in the muscles. Adhesions in muscles, tendons, or ligaments will block circulation. Lack of circulation causes build up of toxins, pain and limited movement. Deep tissue massage requires physically breaking down these adhesions to restore normal movement and decrease pain. Your massage therapist uses direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles. Your therapist can discuss your particular needs with you.

Deep Tissue Massage Recovery

Your body needs plenty of rest after your Deep Tissue Massage. Deep tissue massage often results in sore muscles due to the lack of movement that the muscles have experienced over a long period of time. The release of toxins into the blood stream may result in a feeling of nausea. This is a normal and beneficial result of Deep Tissue Massage. If you experience nausea or sickness after your massage, please drink lots of extra water.  Notify your therapist at your next visit.



“I receive regular Deep Tissue Massage to increase circulation in my hips and legs. It relieves my restless legs and improves mobility.” – Kimberly P.



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Features of Deep Tissue Massage


  • Increases Fresh Oxygen
  • Decreases Toxins in Muscles
  • Pain Management
  • Increases Range of Motion


Price Range


1 hr. $69.99
90 min. $99.99
2 hr. $139.99