Relaxation Massage

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Features of Max Relax Massage


  • aromatherapy
  • hot stones
  • hot foot treatment
  • moist heat therapy
  • reflexology


Price Range


1 hr. $79.99
90 min. $109.99
2 hr. $139.99




[two-third last]

Maximum Relaxation Massage

Our Maximum Relaxation Massage is for those clients who need to unwind and destress. Do you get enough sleep at night? What about exercise? Eating healthy? If you’re like most busy people in today’s society, the answer is no. Yet you’re probably dealing with stress from work, family, finances, or personal relationships. When you’re under stress, it’s absolutely necessary to take care of your body. Many researchers have also found that  it’s equally important to make time for relaxation and pleasurable activities. This ensures that your emotional and psychological state are also cared for.

Relaxation Massage Will Combat Stress

When you encounter stressors in life, your body enters the “fight or flight” condition. You brain tells you body to tense and tighten all of it’s muscles. Your energy and circulation are directed to the heart and lungs and away from other systems. When the stressors of life are always present, your body’s “fight or flight” reaction stays turned on. This leaves your body functioning in an altered state of being. The over-exposure to stress hormones, such as cortisol, puts you at an increased risk of suffering chronic health problems.

Relaxation Massage will loosen tense muscles and send a nervous signal to the brain telling it to let the muscle relax and lengthen. Relaxation Massage will also improve circulation that was previously re-directed to the heart and lungs as a protective response to stress. Improved circulation will increase the functioning of the immune system and return your body to a healthy state of being.

Is this the best relaxation massage in the Treasure Valley?

Our Relaxation massage combines the best healing practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the advanced and proven techniques of modern western massage philosophies. We put this combination of  massage techniques, plus our expert massage intuition, into one full body massage experience! The result is guaranteed to knock your socks off! Modalities used include Swedish, Acupressure, Reflexology, Hot Stones, Moist Heat Therapy, Hot Foot Treatment, Polarity, and Aromatherapy- all in one amazing massage! [hr_invisible/]

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“Ahhh….is all I can say about Kimberly and her talent as a certified
Massage Therapist.  Kimberly has been working on my body now for several months and I can say without a shadow of doubt that my body has less lumps, my muscles are way more flexible, and my spirit is at ease. I feel terrific!”
Jenn W.