Springtime Special

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Features of Max Relax Massage


  • steam towel neck treatment
  • hot stones
  • steam towel foot treatment
  • moist heat therapy
  • heated massage table


Price Range


1 hr. $79.99
90 min. $109.99
2 hr. $139.99




[two-third last]

Springtime Special Massage

Get rid of those winter blues by heating things up with our brand new Springtime Special! Your cold winter memories will melt away with this one hour heated massage. It begins by letting us wrap you up on a warm heated massage table. We will then use the five basic swedish massage strokes to increase circulation and warm up those achy muscles. Steam towels will warm and loosen the neck muscles to release all that holiday and tax season stress you’ve been carrying around. We then use specially designed steam pads that can reach deeper into the layers of tissue to warm, soften, and relax larger muscles. Heated stones work to get in between the layers of muscles. And we finish it off with a steam towel treatment for those cold feet! By the end of this massage, you will forget that it is still winter outside! Are you feeling warmer yet?

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“What a blessing that I found you!”
Lori A.