Satin Smooth Mini-Massage

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Features of Satin Smooth Mini-Massage


  • Quick – No Undressing
  • Three Step Skin Treatment
  • Hot Towel Treatment
  • Reflexology
  • Choose Your Own Scent From Available Options


Price Range


20 min. $29.99
30 min. $39.99




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Satin Smooth Mini-Massage

This is a Mini-Massage session designed to relieve stress and leave your skin feeling as soft as satin. This is the perfect mini stay-cation for the busy mom or business woman as no undressing is required. When you don’t have time for a full body massage, this is a great way to get over the hump and through the week! Our Satin Smooth massage is a reflexology session focused on the hands and feet with the additional element of our luxurious three step skin treatment to renew, soothe and pamper your hands and feet. Our system is clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy and dermatologist-tested.

Why Focus On The Hands And Feet?

There are very few oil glands in the hands and feet and this is why they are more prone to dryness and peeling. Both the hands and feet also fall victim to poor circulation due to their extreme distance from your heart. If you often experience cold hands or cold feet, this is a sign that you have poor circulation. In addition to the medical side effects of poor circulation, it also results in dry skin and achey muscles. For optimal relaxation in a minimal amount of time, focusing on the hands and feet is the best approach. Maximize the benefits of reflexology and boost circulation for improved energy and a greater health.

What’s In It For Me?

The effects of our Satin Smooth Mini Massage are both immediate and long lasting. Immediately, we will relieve stress, increase relaxation, and improve circulation. Throughout the remainder of your day, our Satin Smooth treatment will leave your skin irresistibly smooth and super soft all day long.  Our luxurious formula will maintain the natural moisture of your skin while replenishing hydration in dry areas. It seals in moisturization and gives you a protective layer that lasts through several hand washings, giving you 24 hour moisturization. Your skin will be smoother, healthier, and more radiant after just one session.

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“Ahhh… I love the way my hands look and feel after my Satin Smooth Mini-Massage! Just being able to look down at my hands on the keyboard and see soft, smooth skin with a healthy glow – I could admire them all day long! No more “grandma hands” for me! And my feet feel so much better after a long day of walking around in high heels! I love my Satin Smooth Mini-Massage. It’s a quick and inexpensive pick me up during my otherwise busy and stressful week!